G.A.D Industrial applications
Providing The BEST Equipment
for Your Individual Needs.
People and the environment are
the most valuable asset for us.
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Some Facts:
For 26 years, G.A.D’s founding team has accumulated professional and business experience.

Our vision:
To match the highest quality product to a greener world.

Products and solutions at the highest level for:

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The benefits of using our products

Reduce Flaring

Minimize Emissions

Maximizes Productivity

Maximizes Sustainability

Since the founders of G.A.D have been involved for many years in projects related to seawater desalination or
(VCU) (VRU) (TO) gas combustion, air pollution control and emission control.
We are proud to be distributors of manufacturers and companies that contribute their share to a greener world.

When our customer buys a product from us, he naturally becomes a partner in preserving the environment.

Our Partners